Q+A with our Meditating Mama Bear (CEO), Berkley

Q+A with our Meditating Mama Bear (CEO), Berkley - Past Life the Collective
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Boulder, Colorado

Astrology signs?

Sun: pisces, moon: Aries, rising: Scorpio 

The best thing about me that is also the worst:

I say it like it is :)

When not running this business I can be found:

being a pool shark (if you know, you know), giving angel card readings, roller blading to happy hour, chasing powder days, and doing a lot of day dreaming  

All time favorite band:

Fleetwood Mac. 

Something eco-conscious I'm trying out: 

I have a “trash” jar, and every week I collect all the stuff that can’t be composted or recycled (like single use plastics) to see how much waste I collect! 

Something I'm working on:

Self worth & not giving energy to things or situations I have no control over.