getting intentional with Victoria

getting intentional with Victoria

Meet Victoria.

This gal beams - and it is no wonder her love of playing with light. She is the owner of jewelry company  Sankalpa, a meditation, breath work, yoga and pilates teacher, and (we're proud to say) she is also a dear friend. 

We sent her a disposable camera, the Selina pant and Adeline pant and asked her to show us her life. She opened up her home and opened up her heart for all of you to get to know. This interview was refreshingly transparent and honest. We loved reading every bit. Read below. 

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home town or where do you call home?

northern cali, silicon valley

astrological sign?

taurus sun, pisces moon, leo rising baby

how you would describe your style of art and how did you gravitate there?

i am a jewelry designer and the founder of wearable wellness brand sankalpa— jewelry to wear your intentions. sankalpa is really a wellness practice of connecting our mind and heart in the present moment. our designs are minimal, for you, to what is right here and now. our current collection of “stepping stones” feature a gemstone very simply on a silk string. the minimal design for each piece is to serve as an extension of who you are, rather than a distraction. i am in the process of designing our 14k gold collection right now. the intention with this collection is to invite you to take the leap into investing in your dreams, to solidify your intentions fully. 

to answer the question how I gravitated to being a designer, it all unfolded out of my own self care rituals healing from mental health issues— namely depression and an eating disorder. I had fallen out of touch with my own agency, and began making jewelry to remind me to trust my own internal compass. Today, I view my role as a designer as creating an invitation or portal into connection with what matters most to your heart. Sure, I am technically a jewelry designer and a founder, and yet I think I most identify as being a space holder. My greatest passion is to create an environment of love for others. Jewelry is the medium for that. 

what is on your bedside table?

a crystal, a bouquet of flowers, and a stack of the many books i’m always oscillating between (currently: start with why, the big leap, shantaram, + we learn nothing)

 what is your favorite medium and why?

ooo wow well besides creating sankalpa as a medium for the world to honor their heart, for me personally I might have to say singing. I sing all the time, add in little melodies to songs whenever I am listening to them, and obviously in the shower. it’s such a pure form of expression and release. and, I like that it’s something I mainly do in private. in the public realm, it’s teaching. When I am not working on Sankalpa I am teaching yoga, breathwork, meditation, and pilates. I love how this art holds me accountable to embodying what I guide others into. When I show up to teach, I have the intention of opening myself up to serve others in however they need. It is an honor to enter into this flow state and witness the way things will come to me as I tune into each student. I always make a commitment to myself that whatever I say in the room is my practice too, for everyone is a mirror for myself. in this way, teaching is a way of opening myself to always learning and growing. It's how I hold myself accountable to being a student of life and it also keeps me humble because I am constantly discovering new layers of what it means to be a human. stepping into this medium each day fosters compassion and understanding within myself as I witness others bearing their vulnerability and showing up each moment with their full heart. It is truly the greatest gift to witness. 

who or what  is your inspiration?

Ooo this is a good one. honestly, the sun. I look to the sun for perspective in all that I do. the sun influences me to believe that the sky is the limit, it’s just about aligning to that reality. i know its not a human, and that’s kind of why I love having something to look up to that is, well, consistent. the sun is always there, each day. there is a teaching of loyalty, accountability, and presence in there that I really love. I feel inspired to show up to life like the sun, no matter if clouds are covering the whole sky, the sun will always be there— it’s a state of being I aspire towards.

current obsession?

taking photos of shadow and light play. it’s absolutely fascinating to me to capture the way light dances on walls and faces and creates perspective. to me it sparks contemplation of the beauty of co-existence of opposites in this world, and invites me to hold space for both the facets of myself that feel content with the “darker” layers of myself that are still growing. 

when you are feeling stuck, how do you breakup your energy?

going on a run, face turned up to the sun.  running is such medicine for syncing into a flow state. it is such a ritual for me— each step I take is a clearing and a cultivation. this practice teaches me the balance of letting go of whatever limits me and finding the willingness to step into my potential. it’s also an incredible way of connecting my mind, body, and breath so that I can show up fully present to whatever is being asked of me. i look at it as an opportunity to gain perspective from nature each day too, just immersing myself in the fresh air and feeling the warmth of the sun does wonders for me… it’s the little things you know?

best advice you have ever received?

live in a state of gratitude 

what are you listening to these days? will you link your Spotify?

parra for cuva, lane 8, shawn mendes, sol rising

yes, here’s the sankalpa spotify link! we’ve curated playlists for different intentions and crystals..  my fav sankalpa playlists on spotify — “golden hour” (work flow or hangout background music), “pisces moon” (running + high vibes) , and either “rose quartz” or “the sound of silence” (meditative + peaceful vibes) 

morning or night time?

morning light is a love language

a quote you live by?

“you are born free, you’ll die free. but, will you live free?”

first thing you do when you wake up?

lift the blinds, and meditate as the sun rises. waking up with the sun is my all time favorite ritual. i feel this energy of possibility and optimism from the sun and it really sets the tone for each and every day. 

go to dinner recipe?

salmon on arugula salad with shaved fennel, mint, green onions, hemp seeds, avocado, lemon, olive oil, little bit of matcha + moringa powder sprinkled in, truffle salt, and a glass of red wine

let’s pretend we are all safe from covid, how would you spend your first night?:

mm fly home to be with my family and grandparents for dinner :) 

something you are excited about for 2021:

I spoke to this above, so it’s mainly the gold collection. the other thing I am excited to offer is a means of fostering community in ritual. sankalpa was inspired by a sacred fire ritual in india by the ganga river in which one cleanses the old + calls in the new. we're bringing it full circle, offering a virtual monthly intention ritual to honor what you are calling in —  this will include breathwork, a guided meditation, space to clarify your intentions, and a fire ceremony where I’ll read your pre-mailed intentions as I cast them into the fire. 

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