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Meet Leila.

Owner of a small batch studio of hand thrown ceramics in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, her creations are absolutely gorgeous - & will make you want to up your dinnerware + homeware game. 

We sent her a disposable camera, the Adeline pant and Nikki top and asked her to show us her life. Read below. 

home town or where do you call home?

hometown is a place called rugby (like the sport) in England. I currently live in Lancaster PA but the UK is still home to me.

astrological sign?

I'm Aquarius! It's actually my birthday today **February 6th**

how you would describe your style of art and how did you gravitate there?

minimal, perfectionist.. a bit obsessive haha. I love maths and problem solving so I would just copy photos perfectly in school like a problem I had to solve and it wasn't done till it was identical. I think it comes from a place of loving that challenge but also insecurity. Because I had the ability, there was expectation put on me for perfect images when the style I love is a lot more free and clunky with room to breath and play with colour. I like this style because it's so effortless and you have to have confidence and know when to stop.. all things I struggle with haha.

what is on your bedside table?

My nighttime essentials and some mess normally! Water bottle, lip balm, tissues, phone and normally a pair of stay earrings and hair ties.

 what is your favorite medium and why?

clay has been my main medium for the past few years, it gave me a freedom other mediums don't have. The clay itself is very inexpensive and until you fire it in the kiln, any mistakes you make don't matter because clay can be recycled and used again. This made me much less precious about what I was doing. I love oil painting and sewing but I absolutely hate waste so they can be daunting for me in a way that clay isn't.

who or what  is your inspiration?

This is a hard one! I truly see inspiration in so many places and most people if I have enough of a conversation with them. I'm never someone who is bored because I'm always observing and allowing myself to see cool inspiration everywhere. So I'd say experiencing new/different things is probably the best way to encapsulate all of that!

current obsession?

I really want to shave all my hair off so I've been pretty obsessed thinking about that and how it'd look haha

best advice you have ever received?

Hmm not sure if I could say every but I really hold onto 'one step at a time'. I get really overwhelmed when I think about big picture a lot of the time so this completely changed how I go about decision making and made life more enjoyable/present my.

favorite band / album?

Bombay bicycle club - a different kind of fix

morning or night time?

My brain is always more awake at night but I love the quiet, still brightness of mornings with the whole day ahead of you.

a quote you live by?

“If I could say it in words there would be no reason to paint.” – Edward Hopper

 I always struggled with words and people asking me to explain my art.. when to me the whole point of art is to go beyond the capabilities of words alone. This will quote gave me permission to not always have the words which frees me up to create.

first thing you do when you wake up?

Always pee haha, shortly followed by taking the dog out and then having a cuppa.

cute pup by the way, what's their name and where'd the name come from?

She's called Frida, 100% after Frida Kahlo. She's such an inspiration as a female in the art world.


go to dinner recipe?

I'm such a foodie! My go to is carbonara though. I learnt to make it the proper Italian way whilst living there and it's such an easy throw together meal using minimal ingredients but never fails to hit the spot!

let’s pretend we are all safe from covid, how would you spend your first night?:

Ooh gosh, I'd love to hop on the train and head over to Philly or New York and go for a really nice sit down meal and drinks.. probably still just with my husband. And then also book the first flights back to England I could! I haven't seen most of my family since August 2019 so they'd be my priority people.

something you are excited about for 2021:

I just got my pup before Christmas so I'm really excited for her to grow up and experience spring and summer for the first time.

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