interiors with hanna

interiors with hanna

Meet Hanna.

Hanna is more than meets the eye. At first glance on instagram, you'll notice her incredibly chic and sophisticated style. This interview showed us- and will show you what is really underneath - a hard worker with a keen attention to detail. 

We sent her a disposable camera, the Lucy jacket (nearly sold out) and asked her to show us a slice of her life in Charleston, SC. Read up.  

home town or where do you call home?

Wilmington, Delaware. It is one of the cities that you pass through on I-95. Most people I meet have only passed through the state! 

astrological sign?

Capricorn. I was born on the Eve of New Year's Eve.

what started your passion for design + staging?

I have always been creative, which I attribute to my mom always having a DIY project going on growing up. So when I graduated from the College of Charleston with a Business / Real Estate degree, I got my Real Estate License and found my passion for architecture and residential real estate. Showing homes to my clients allowed me the opportunity to constantly tour interiors. and that’s when I realized my passion for interior design and my fascination with how people live. Me and my business partner, Lauren, saw a hole in the market for a staging company that kept up with interior trends and that’s how Charleston Staging & Design was born. I learned more about my personal style and discovered my ability to design through the staging industry which has organically created my interior design portfolio. I have been introduced to so many homeowners through the staging and real estate industry and it has allowed my design career to flourish. 

what is your favorite part?

My favorite part is install day. When the sourcing, communication, managing, and receiving orders all come together for a curated look that we have envisioned and planned for months! 

what is on your bedside table? 

Always a glass of water (of course on a coaster/tray), a vintage jewelry tray (that’s definitely supposed to be an ash tray), chapstick, and an Amethyst Rock that’s supposed to bring me  "peace, stability, and calmness” I’ll take whatever I can get!

what are the keys to a well balanced home?

You need to give your space purpose. Do you have a high-stress/demanding job? Your space needs to be calming to recharge each night. Do you love to read? You need a designated reading nook and a place to store your books. Do you work a night shift and need to rest during most days?  Black out blinds are a must. Functionality in regards to your own personal way of living is the key to a balanced home. No client/project is ever the same. 

who or what  is your inspiration?

Anything vintage is my inspiration, antiquing is my pastime.  I think every interior designer's inspiration is Kelly Wearstler, her career is admirable.

current obsession?

Globe pendants. 

when you are feeling stuck, how do you breakup your energy?

Slow mornings. 

best advice you have ever received?

"You are great, but not greater than anyone.” 

a quote you live by?

"To whom much is given, much is expected." 

what are you listening to these days?

Music is not my #1. I can appreciate it, but I am the person who drives 15 minutes before realizing I have been riding in silence - when I do remember to, my go to playlist right now is Justin Bieber’s Justice Album.  

morning or night time?

Nighttime. Never mornings. 

what do you struggle most with in terms of creation?

Questioning my expertise. Many people ask if I went to school for deisgn and the answer is no (not yet). I have to defend my portfolio often and my 1st clients will never know how much I appreciate them taking a chance with working with me! You have to start somewhere! 

go to dinner recipe?

Frozen salmon that I pulled out to thaw in the AM- olive oil, mustard, spices. Easy and clean!

something you are excited about for 2021:

I have a few cool projects I am looking forward to sharing that will wrap up just before the New Year, but other than that I am excited to grow my business and my career by collaborating with other creatives. 

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