meet Chloé

meet Chloé

Meet Chloé.

Chloé has been a muse of ours for a while now. Being a creative is largely who Chloé is.  She plays between mediums and is extremely talented in all of them. On top of all that - she speaks out and stands for inclusion, sexuality, diversity, transparency and openness. So we say, hats off Chloé - thanks for paving the way of how business should be run + done.

Lastly, in the honor of being transparent - this interview was done in March. Things have just been a bit crazy here and it took some time for us to meet Chloé to take some photos of her.  Nonetheless, we met up with her in June at her new store MADÉ (before it had opened) and shot her on a disposable camera, wearing the Nix Blouses.

Enjoy the interview.   

home town or where do you call home?
Paris + Chicago. 
astrological sign?
Leo allll the way 
how you would describe your style of art and how did you gravitate there?
Minimalist, modern, organic. My style of art reflects the aesthetics I am drawn to in every day life whether it be fashion, architecture, interior design, fine art, murals, tattoos, etc.  I find minimalist, clean, bold aesthetics to calm my senses so this has naturally been something I am drawn to.
what is on your bedside table?
A stack of books - mostly poetry by Rupi Kaur and personal growth based writings including A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle, Meditations on Self-Love by Laurasia Mattingly, and my personal Bible: Witch by Lisa Lister
what is your favorite medium and why?
Ouuu really hard to say. I would say tattooing because of the creative and intimate aspects of it and the sensation of wiping the final product clean and watching it walk away into the world. But photography will always have a special place in my heart. Photography and I go way back.
who or what  is your inspiration?
Zaya, a tattoo artist in the UK. And then basically anything I lay my eyes on that makes me feel sensation or electricity. 
current obsession?
My shop that is opening. The build out, the branding, the events to come. Feels like I am having a baby. 
**note- shop has officially opened now**
when you are feeling stuck, how do you breakup your energy?
Usually hop into a different medium, get on the wheel and throw some pots, edit some photos, design so flash. I really like to move around and activate my creative side and brain with different mediums that all call for different type of attention. 
best advice you have ever received?
Honestly, I don't know. I feel like the discipline I learned during my years working in Lithography and working in a kitchen have been big. And then I combined the "follow you passions, dive off the deep end, send it, don't look back, I could very well work out and it will, trying everything" mentality has been a big thing I have created for myself and applied into my artistic pursuits. Let that fire in you burn.
a quote you live by?
Hold the firmness of your vision without attachment to outcome." and "Trust."
first thing you do when you wake up?
Chug water, open the curtain and let light in, brush my teeth, go find my dog for cuddles.
what are you listening to these days?
Deep in Kid Cudi's most recent album. My guyyyy. Been listening to him since I was in high school. Also listening to a lot of music by El Buho - Latin American folk rhythms with organic sounds, birdsong and downtempo electronica. My spotify is Chloejanebesson
morning or night time?
Morning light all day every day. 
go to dinner recipe?
Lamb leg slow roast with pureed potatoes and roast vegetables. I also love making handmade pasta - specifically brown butter butternut squash ravioli with pine nuts.
something you are excited about for 2021:
 The tattoo & mercantile shop I am opening up. By far the biggest commitment and project I have ever put out. It's going to be big and I just can't wait to launch it.
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