at home with Maggie Hernandez

at home with Maggie Hernandez

Meet Maggie.

She is a Denver, Colorado native and we have a girl crush on her.

She's a portrait artist, writer, film maker, thrift queen, plant mama, and seamstress (yup, she can do it all). Since we are still living in covid times, we decided it would be fun to ship her a disposable camera and the Lucy Jacket. She kept it real with us- talking about her relationship with money, her discovery for medicinal plants, and what consumption literacy is.  Read below.

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home town or where do you call home?

My hometown is Denver Colorado- best place in the world

astrological sign?

I am the biggest Virgo you will ever meet.

how you would describe your style of art and how did you gravitate there?

I feel like my style of art is constantly changing. In my portrait business, the style is very minimalistic, and it can be really hard for me to stick to that style when I really want to try new things. I’m always pulling new ideas from other artists, movies, color palettes, or literally anything I see.  

what is on your bedside table?

My bedside table has a small pot of Tiger Balm, some CBD lotion, a lip balm, a magnesium spray by Rooted with Ali (a local Denver maker!), a ZZ plant, and 3 books- On Beauty by Zadie Smith, The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion, and Anna Karenina by Leo Tolstoy. 

what is your favorite medium and why?

I don't think it’s possible for me to choose a favorite medium! It’s too hard! I used to be all about drawing and painting but lately I’ve gravitated a lot towards fiber arts- weaving, felting, embroidering… I’m dying to ball myself out and buy a tufting gun so I can make my own rugs. I’ve also started dabbling in making my own clothes from old patterns I find from Goodwill. Then there are my two first loves- writing and filmmaking. There are just way too many out there to decide!

who or what  is your inspiration?

I probably pull most of my inspiration from movies and TV. I love movies and TV (I watch way too much). The inspiration is limitless! Even the other day I used a Marge Simpson quote for an art piece I was making (hehe).

current obsession?

My current obsession is herbal medicine. I have had all of these weird body ailments for the past five years or so where nothing seems to help. I got really into gardening recently and realized that there is natural medicine all around us all the time. Like dandelions- I always just thought they were an annoying weed but they’re so so good for you! I drink them every day in my tea now!

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favorite tea?

So I’ve recently gotten really into mixing my own teas with dried herbs from my garden. My usual is a mixture of mint, chamomile and lavender. It's so soft it tastes like clouds. But I have to say that I freaking love straight up jasmine tea- like preferably over-steeped and lip pursing-ly strong. Mmm.

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best advice you have ever received?

So I have always had kind of a screwed up relationship with money- I’m stressed when I have it and I’m stressed when I don't. The past couple years are the first where I’ve actually been making a decent amount. The problem is that I put every penny in savings and I’m too terrified to spend any of it at the risk that I lose it all. I basically shut myself off from indulging in anything. I have missed out on trips, meals, shows, museums, all because I didn’t want to spend the money (and all of which I could easily afford). This might sound shallow, but one day I was crying to my mom about how I didn’t want to spend the money to go on a vacation that all my friends were going on. She said, “Maggie, you cant take it with you.” Haha, I think the quote is actually meant for people who spend too much money but it really goes both ways! Ever since she said that to me I think about it all the time. In the grocery store when I want chocolate milk… When I go out to eat and want the extra app… Life’s too short not to do the things that make you happy- especially when it all comes down to stupid, boring money. That being said, I’m so grateful for every damned dollar I manage to make. 

favorite band / album?

I absolutely love the self titled album by The Roches (you can see me holding it in one of the photos). It’s kind of an acquired taste but I just love it. I just picture the three of them sitting around getting stoned and harmonizing these goofy ass songs. It’s true that they write some weird stuff but it can be sooo gorgeous. Definitely worth a listen. That being said I have sooo many other favorites it’s impossible to list them all. Joni Mitchell is probably the highest ranking artist on my list though. She’s magic.

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morning or night time?

I am most definitely a morning person as I am terrified of the dark. Once it's dark outside, every creak in the house makes me leap full speed to the safety of my bed.

a quote you live by?

It’s not really a quote but I live my life around the idea that you just never know what anyone else is going through. Looks can be deceiving and as humans we are insanely quick to place judgements. When I catch myself in one of these moments, I always just tell myself- who the hell do you think you are making assumptions about something you know nothing about? Everyones life is equally as complex, everyone is doing their best.

first thing you do when you wake up?

I wish I could say that they first thing I do in the morning is chug a glass of water and do a skincare routine but the reality is I wake up, roll over and immediately poke my boyfriend in the ribs. *pictured below*

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go to dinner recipe?

I am always down for some spaghetti. Like, who isn’t?

something you are excited about for 2021:

Oh my goshhhh, I cannot tell you how excited I am to get an early start on my garden this year. Last year I was in the middle of moving to Colorado from New York during prime gardening time. This year I’m gonna get everything ready to have an extremely bountiful season. I’m also gonna be co-teaching a course on consumption literacy, which will be an amazing opportunity for me to dig deeper into understanding the nature of my own consumption. There is always more to learn!

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