zero-waste-ish beauty

zero-waste-ish beauty

clean beauty seems to be all the rage these days - and it makes sense... skin is the largest organ in our body, so we should probably be able to pronounce most of the ingredients that we're lathering up in, right? PLUS, if you're like us, you have beef with the big p (plastic)- and tons of clean brands are still packaging in plastic.

so- here's a handful of brands we love that can help your beauty routine stay zero-waste-ish


This sensitive skin lotion is made with fair trade and sustainably sourced ingredients, uses only glass and aluminum for product packaging, and ships with all recycled, post-consumer materials. It's also hand poured and contains all ingredients we are familiar with, like organic olive oil. Stevie is the founder for YAY FOR EARTH and she is very easy to love. Other than make this incredible goodness, she also fosters dogs and keeps it very real with her community. She also shares the authentic process of making YAY with her community while asking for feedback. She also recently launched a new product (good luck it's already sold out) that is meant for your body. We're obsessed with her stuff and think you have to check it out. 


Say hi to the next mascara you purchase. Izzy is the world’s first zero waste, certified Carbon Neutral mascara. Now, you're probably thinking that it's not high performance or won't give you the lift you want... but we tried it... AND IT'S THAT GOOD. Want to know our favorite part? It's only $39. *Adds to cart*


Kindred Black kind of freaks us out, in a good way though. When you look at their slow beauty collection, your jaw will drop a little. This skin care is not the skin care you keep in the drawer, it needs to be on full display baby! The collection is "A historically rooted collection of simple and effective oils and toners for face, body, and hair that can be blended and mixed with one another. Inspired by a slower way of living, the ritualistic line is packaged in precious, fully plastic-free, hand blown bottles and vials sealed with waxed corks." Not even kidding, just looking at this skin care makes us want to be better people. We have our eyes set on the Unicorn Oil... what's catching yours?


We love everything about Mother Mountain Herbals. Her products "are hand made in small batches  to ensure vibrancy, potency, and freshness & are made from ethically sourced and nourishing ingredients." However our most favorite thing is her commitment to preserving herbal medicine in a beautiful way for all to enjoy. AH, we love it.  This is our favorite item. 


Now, we can't say much about their other products (just have not tried yet) but we do use their concealer and let's just say, what we want concealed is. They have 7 different shades which we think is pretty legit and it's all 100% vegan. While browsing the site, the lip stuff also caught our eye.  You know what they say, "give a woman the right lipstick and she can conquer the world."