owning it with Annie

owning it with Annie

Meet Annie.

We actually go way back with this gal and are very grateful to have her featured in our zine! Annie has lived a full life of creative, risk taking endeavors. Not to brag (but we will) - she is only in her twenties. From starting a business that profits others, playing around with so many mediums and to putting in the work on self-growth -- it's clear to us that she is owning her life, and we are here for it. 

We sent her a disposable camera, the Becky Trouser and asked her to show us her life. If you are seeking some deep authenticity and real life wisdom / truth - this interview is for you. 

home town or where do you call home?

I grew up in Louisville, Colorado, it will always have a special place in my heart. I feel more at home in the desert though, always have and always will! 

astrological sign?

I don’t believe in astrology (is that a Pisces thing?) 

how you would describe your style of art and how did you gravitate there?

This one is hard haha! I would say uncanny and playful?I try and add humor into my work. I will put objects on a page that don’t really make sense, but play off each other. I honestly owe so much of my creativity and style to my aunt and uncle who live in Austin, they were always exposing my brother and I to weird music and art shows (thanks Donna and Brian!) 

what is on your bedside table?

A three day old glass of water, my journal, a pen, my inhaler (lol), welda hand cream, and this cutie little ring dish I thrifted in Santa Fe :) 

what is your favorite medium and why?

It’s always changing! For a long time I was really focused on painting and still life. Then I moved into clothing and design- I started thrifting clothes and would embroider on them back 2015, giving a percentage of sales to planned parenthood. In 2017 my best friend and I started a sustainable clothing business called frnds of ours, she still sells  inventory on Garmentory, but we are no longer pursuing it. I am trying to find a medium that feels right, as of lately I’ve been collaging and writing some music! 

who or what  is your inspiration?

I am inspired by so many different things- museums, nature, architecture, flipping through old magazines I’ve collected over the years, movies, and my partner Victor! 

current obsession?

inner child and shadow work! I wanted to get deep with myself after some really challenging situations this past summer. I’ve been in therapy forever, but wanted to take more ownership with my healing process. I do a daily practice of meditation and recorded sessions (essentially exposure therapy) It’s all about repetition! 

when you are feeling stuck, how do you breakup your energy?

Getting out in nature helps me a lot or I’ll cruise down to Victors art studio for a hangout! 

best advice you have ever received?

If you aren’t owning it, it’s owning you.

This is recent advice, but has completely changed my outlook on my relationships and even strangers I encounter. Obviously take this with a grain of salt! If someone is triggering you (this isn’t condoning or excusing their behavior) it has more to do with you than it does with them. If we heal ourselves at the root, we take the emotional charge away, and if you are in your true self worth you should be able to sit across from almost anyone and stay within that space- easier said than done of course! 

what are you listening to these days? will you link your Spotify?

I’ve been listening to The Walters, Jon Mckeil, king khan and the shrines, Dry Cleaning, Groove Armada’s new album is fantastic and has some great summer jams! Here's my Spotify

morning or night time?

Morning! Especially in the spring and summer. I get early up, put on my favorite playlist, go for a walk through my cute neighborhood (Congress park), get a coffee, and try and pet a dog or two. I am definitely more creative at night though!

a quote you live by?

if you want to change your life you have to get comfortable with getting uncomfortable

what do you struggle most with in terms of creation?

Full transparency this past year was the least creative I’ve ever been. I make really great work when I’m happy and feeling good, I dealt with some serious depression and anxiety in 2020. I consider myself to be a very disciplined and organized person, except when it comes to creating something, a project or idea has to happen organically and from a positive space for me. 

go to dinner recipe?

It’s always changing! My favorite thing right now is a spring salad- baked salmon, arugula, spinach, sliced avocado, grapefruit, toasted walnuts, honey goat cheese, and a drizzle of balsamic vinaigrette!

let’s pretend we are all safe from covid, how would you spend your first night?:

I’m fully vaccinated now! I’m planning a big movie night at the Mayan theatre, I’ve missed going to the movies so so much! 

something you are excited about for 2021:

Taking my canoe out every weekend and riding my new bike!

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