Q + A with our shop manager (but mostly queen)... Ari

Q + A with our shop manager (but mostly queen)... Ari

What your roll is for Past Life: 

I am shop queen and one of the featured abstract artists at the Pearl Street Pop-up Boutique. 



Asheville, NC home of the Blue Ridge mountains.


Astrology signs?

Capricorn all the way, stubborn, driven and grounded

Favorite breakfast food?

Raspberry scones and cappuccinos also love a good piece of toast 


Morning person or night owl?

early riser for sure


Guilty pleasure?

Maybe reality TV but it's just so entertaining !


Recent obsession?

my dog. He is a small frenchie with a big personality. recently took him camping and was extremely amused the entire time

Music artist that will never grow old?

Bob Marley reggae is healing


I want people to know that…

kindness cost nothing 


If I had a boat I’d name it…

I have no idea but I would throw some epic boat parties. 

The best thing about me that is also them worst:

My chef skills because i love leaving a big mess


When not working I can be found:

out in nature tanning playing and creating outdoor studios to paint in 

Who or what inspires you:

constantly inspired by nature and my travels. i love how traveling allows you to trust in the journey and be open to the unexpected


Something eco-conscious I'm trying out:

I have been making my business cards out of recycled watercolors. trying to be less wasteful and love that each card is unique!


Most magical city in the world:

This is so so hard I have so many favorite cities abroad that have a very special place in my heart, but I am gonna have to choose New Orleans. I lived there for a couple years when I felt really lost and was inspired by the beautiful people, the tropical vibes and the immense joy, hustle and celebration that is NOLA. 

Something I'm working on:

I am in the process of painting a new series and working on some gallery shows for the fall... stay tuned!