Q+A with our Badass Production Manager, Khiember

Q+A with our Badass Production Manager, Khiember - Past Life the Collective
Meet Khiember Autumn Wiskamp, our production manager + owner of Manus Supply 


Denver, CO 

Astrological signs?

Libra (Sun), Pisces (Ascending), Pisces (Moon) 

The best thing about me (but also might be the worst): 

OCD when not working

 Can be found:

Traveling, vintage store hangs, fabric sourcing, and handing with hubby and Clyde. 

Someone who inspires me:

My landlord and dear friend, Donna Altieri as she ran an instrument bag manufacturer and multiple entrepreneurial endeavors, versed in the arts community in Denver, and overall badass 

Favorite Breakfast:

Sautéed beets and eggs 

Recent obsession:

Laser cutting fabric techniques & 3D CAD design 

Morning person or a night owl?

Both! Not enough time in the day

 Music artist that will never grow old?

Talking Heads 

I want people to know that...

I'm romantic about people’s craft and vision and creating it into a tangible reality.

A sustainable practice:

Supporting close looped products 

Guilty pleasure?

Punk rock and metal music

If I had a boat I'd name it:

Friggin’ in the Riggin’ 

Something I'm working on (personally or professionally):

Personally, making more time for myself. Professional, delegating