Baking with Sammy Beech

Baking with Sammy Beech - Past Life the Collective
Meet Sammy. We have a sweet tooth for her :)
We shot this dream girl on film in her cozy home in Boulder, Colorado while she baked up some mouth watering shortbread cookies. She is rocking the Nikki top in white. Shop this look here.
Although Boulder isn’t her original home, she calls it that because this is where her chosen family is & the most growth has happened. 
Get to know this soul below.

Name a hidden gem in your home town (Boulder,  Colorado): 

“Not really hidden but Dry Storage + Basta. Also, my favorite spot to watch the sunset is a short drive up Glagstaff and you don’t even have to hike to get there but you have to know how to get there. I call it my sunset rock.”

Other noteworthy talents?

“Curating playlists on Spotify. I am the one who is always on the AUX chord any chance I get.” 

And let us say, Sammy is also our fav to follow on insta, posting her solo dance parties  in her chic apartment.

“Music is a love language for me, I love sharing and receiving music from people.” 

Describe your personal style in three words or less?

“comfortable, capsuled, and high-low (as in price)” 

Something you are working on right now?

“Becoming a licensed marriage and family therapist. I want to help give individuals & couples permission to soften in the midst of tension.”

Must read book(s)?

“Anything David R. Hawkins -- he writes about philosophy from a very spiritual place. The book “letting go” was a game changer for me.”

On baking:

“Baking for me is transcendent. It is a way to cipher through what’s relevant to hold onto and what’s relevant to let go of in order for me to have room to do what I am here to do.”

“When I first started baking I would get really frustrated. I would try to do really hard, technical things (like a croissant)- which I see now as more of a reflection of my life at the time. Whatever I am baking and how it’s going always reflects what is going on in my life at the time.”

So, to us at Past Life, baking is almost Sammy’s version of Tarot Cards. Only she sees her future in the bread (lol).