support local biz- guide to denver + boulder

local love

After all the craziness of COVID and life in general - one huge take away that we hope everyone sees is that we need to support businesses that are in our neighborhoods because they are the ones driving the economy and creating community. Here is our current top 9. To give some insight, our list was actually 12 but THREE of our favorite businesses we not able to make it through COVID. So let this be a lesson to us all. Also please note- we will always be discovering new places so stay tuned for more of our favorites! Also- if you have a fav, let us know at 

Here are some of the places that we love:

The Honey Pot- Boulder

We are all members of the Honey Pot in Boulder. It is a holistic skin care and waxing place that is owned by a few bad ass chicks. (Shout out to Amanda!) Anyways- other than going to get a monthly wax- we are also obsessed with the skin care products they offer. They are all locally made, organic, non toxic, and also affordable. Get ready for a serious skin glow-up. 

Viv Cycle- Denver 

This place is our workout oasis. Infact, Berkley teaches twice a week at this place for fun. It is women owned (we love you, Ann) beat based cycling studio in Denver that is centered on fun and community. We ride almost daily and can’t get enough. If you are in Denver, you best be signing up for a class at Viv. You won’t regret it. 

Zero Market- Denver 

We are obsessed with this place. If you are scared to try to low impact life- this place is such a good spot to start. Honestly this place is heavenly to us. They have literally everything you could possibly need for your home! You can refill your cleaning supplies, body stuff etc and also purchase a huge variety of things… even groceries! We love to get our essential oils there too! 

Plant Garage- Denver

This is an outdoor plant dreamy land in located near South Broadway in Denver. To us, plants are our favorite art located in our office. They bring life and they are always good to talk to:) Plant Garage has a great selection and always give us cacti envy when we go. 

Transform Yoga- Denver

We are newly obsessed with Transform in RINO- specifically the yoga. It’s in a beautiful brick room, and you do your practice in the dark by candlelight. No mirrors, just loud music and good vibes. Every teacher is SO talented. We always walk out feeling 1000 times better than when we walked in. 

Cured- Boulder

This is our favorite shop to stop by if we are planning a party or just having some guests over. Wine is our love language and they have a great selection. We also are suckers for a good charcuterie board and no one does it better than Cured. It is a small shop owned by a Boulder family and everyone working there always has a smile on (yes, you can tell they are smiling through a mask.)

Wildflower - Denver

Our new favorite place to go eat (but honestly mostly drink). Located in Lohi in the Life House hotel, the space gives off the ultimate vintage cowboy yet fancy feel. Every single drink is to die for as well as the service. Everyone is so friendly, knowledgeable and down for you to have a great time. 10/10 recommend. 

Larimer Records Cafe- Denver

Another brilliant pop up from Good Baby MGMT. If you are Denver based, it’s likely you remember Neon Baby and Yeah Baby were some really fun spots to go out to in Denver. Yes, this was pre-pandemic. Well, now the group is back with another very cool pop up. Go visit yourself to see.

Stowaway Kitchen- Denver

The best breakfast one can find in Denver. This cafe spot in RINO make you almost feel like you aren’t in Denver and you are having brekkie in Byron Bay, Australia or perhaps Venice Beach in LA. All the baked goods are heavenly and you will probably think your server is much cooler than you. They are def cooler than us.