low-waste. small-batch. slow fashion.

Where we put our energy—and our dollar—matters. Crafting timeless staples from solely eco-friendly fibers, we manufacture locally, ethically, and sustainably because we envision a world where that's a given. And it starts with us.

Let's start here...
our eco-friendly fabrics

A majority of our clothing is made from deadstock. When a conventional clothing company goes to production, they make/purchase a lot of fabric. But most of the time, they only end up using 80% of it, leaving the left overs to be thrown in landfills or burned. Deadstock is the fabric that is left behind. And that's what we use to create our beautiful clothes. This means we work with small yardages of fabric, and once something of ours is sold out, it’s gone forever. We also make clothing from organic cotton that is dyed naturally. Conventional cotton is super toxic - so the more we can support organic cotton and organic farming, the better.

when we know better, we do better.

And the little changes end up 
creating the big ones.

question everything.

Today, it’s hard to know if brands are being truthful with us. So as consumers, we have to ask questions. We have to seek our truth. The saying “ignorance is bliss” isn’t going to cut it anymore. Building a slow fashion company, we aim to do everything sustainably, ethically, and transparently. It’s why we break down the cost of an item and show you where the money goes. Because our top priority isn’t to create cool clothes or to make tons of money. It’s to inspire change and eco-conscious action. It’s why we encourage you to question everything.
a bit about us.

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