The Birth of a Brand....


Hi lovers + friends, Berkley Bering here. Past Life has been completely inspired and driven by our climate crisis - and how we - as human beings - can still live, but also learn to walk lighter on this beautiful planet. 

I am an empath, and sometimes I feel such pain and grief for the planet that it can be too much to bare. I knew that there was something more I could do to inspire others to want to live consciously. 

So, one day the idea of Past Life the Collective hit me while meditating:

To some, this might sound cliche or silly, but when it came to me I knew it was something special. In the book, The Alchemist (a personal fav) it talks about how when you are doing something part of your personal dream, that the world conspires to have it work FOR YOU. I say this because all of the young women who have helped built this disruptive fashion brand are all people who were easy to find, collaborate and worth with to develop Past Life. This journey has not been easy but I feel so thankful and blessed that you are here for the ride as well. 


Welcome to the family.

Lots of love,