The Birth of a Brand....


As a kid, I used to buy jeans and then paint them, rip them and sew beads in them to sell. When I started getting older, I lost touch with my creative side and put my energy into other things. 

While in college, I started getting into climate change and humanitarian issues. I thought I would end up working for a non-profit. But like so many people that age, I didn’t really know what the hell I wanted to do, what I was “passionate” about, or who I was for that matter.

The path to becoming a founder of a sustainable clothing company has been a bumpy road. I’ve moved to countless cities, had so many random jobs (from selling handmade candles, working in restaurants, to being a spin class instructor), and quite frankly thought I was destined for a nomadic life. So, I booked myself a one way flight to Australia and then…

The idea of Past Life the Collective hit me while meditating:

We would take fabric from fashion houses that would've otherwise been piled up in a landfill and use it to create wardrobe staples—all while paying talented local seamstresses livable wages.

To some, this might sound ridiculous, but when it came to me I knew it could be something special. 

Now, let’s get clear on something. I jumped into this head first with zero experience of running a company or knowing anything about the fashion industry.

So I spent months researching, reaching out and trying to learn as much as I possibly could. I was trying to talk to anyone who would have a word with me, and few gave me the time.

But one woman, Rachel, who owns Whimsy & Row was an angel and even let me come shadow her for a few days in LA. Then I found an amazing business consultant (shout out to Selina/ Recloseted) that I would be totally lost without. SERIOUSLY. I found a stellar production team locally in Denver, a killer designer (who was actually a childhood friend when we were 13 years old), and I’ve borrowed a lot of money from my parents (THANK YOU MOM & DAD). 

I love Colorado. It's where I'm from and I am so grateful that my company can call it home too. 

And I am so thankful that you are here on our website, reading this til the end.

Welcome to the family.

Lots of love + virtual hugs,
(founder // ceo // creative director)