our choices come back to

To what's sustainable and ethical for
• our planet
• our community
• our team


Our packaging is 100% compostable.

And plant-based, so they will break down in landfills naturally.


By buying deadstock that's been discarded, we prevent it from landfills or being burned.

Buttons instead of zippers (which are hella difficult to recycle). And for every 2 trees harvested to make our buttons, the company plants 3!   

circular program.

We have a take-back program!

Email us at
for more information.

no two hang tags look alike

Why you ask? We use left over scraps from production and then screen print all the good info you need on them! This is better than us paying to make fancy paper ones that generally people throw out anyways. 

plantable paper (basil!)

Instead of any ol’ thank you note in your package, we wanted you to be able to plant something from us and watch it grow!  Sadly for legal reasons we can't ship outside the U.S.

local & ethical manufacturing

and we keep it real with you every step of the way

proud members

1% For the Planet is an alliance of businesses financially committed to creating a healthy planet. And we are happy to be one of them. One percent of all our sales are donated and used toward fighting climate change.

take action

With nearly 80 percent of our clothing’s lifecycle’s impact coming from how we wash it and dry it,  we thought we would give you some tips on how to green your laundry.